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Black is Blue (Short film screening with The Watermelon Woman)

Black is Blue

Short film screening with The Watermelon Woman 20th Anniversary Restoration.

*Black is Blue and The Watermelon Woman are both covered by the same ticket.  They are not considered separate screenings.

Black -- once Blue -- is now a transman who works as a security guard in an apartment complex in Oakland. One night, Black notices an ex- girlfriend partying with some other women in one of the buildings. As none of the other security guards want to watch "the lezzie party", Black volunteers to, thinking he may resolve some inner conflicts from the past. However, things take a turn for the worse.

About Feature Film In-Development

Dunye and Smolowitz's 2014 short film BLACK IS BLUE screened at 35+ festivals worldwide and won 5 top prizes. With script development support from the Tribeca Film Institute, their short has been significantly expanded into a Sunset Boulevard-esque "Trans-Erotic-Sci-Fi-Thriller," set in the near future of Oakland, California, circa 2020.

Feature In-Development Logline

Following the aftermath of the Bay Area's current tech boom, BLACK IS BLUE is the chilling erotic tale of BLACK, a homeless Black transman displaced by gentrification - BLUE, an enabling wealthy Black transwoman who tries to save him and herself - and LISON, her surprisingly elegant  A.I. "friend-bot" who bears witness to their tragic love story.

Black is Blue Poster