Official Selections of Kaleidoscope - The Shorts

In its inaugural year Kaleidoscope will screen 40 short films from 9 different countries, including 4 films made in the state of Arkansas.  Almost all of the shorts will be screening in Arkansas for the first time; with 2 World Premieres (Good Morning, Perpetual), 2 North American Premieres (Life in Colors, Nothing), and 9 Regional Premieres.

Finally, we will also have a special screening of Director Mark Thiedeman’s Sacred Hearts, Holy Souls.

These short films, curated by Cameron Vaughan, are entertaining, informative and feature a diverse representation of the LGBT community.

You can view the complete Kaleidoscope Short Film lineup by clicking here:

The Narrative Shorts

Bad at Dancing, Directed by Joanna Arnow
USA - 11:27

A perpetual third wheel and awkward outsider, Joanna increasingly inserts herself into the relationship of her more charismatic roommate Isabel. The two women test each other’s sexual and emotional boundaries in this surreal dark comedy.

Border Woods, Directed by Miles Carey 

When Rowan loses track of his high-school friends in the woods the night of their goodbye camping trip before college, he is plunged into a fantastical world where he must face his hopes, fears, and sexuality, as he is pushed ever closer to the border with the unknown.

Brace, Directed by Sophy Holland & Alicya Eyo
UK - 24:13

After coming out and leaving his girlfriend, Adam dreams of finding acceptance within London's gay scene. His burgeoning freedom is soon challenged when he meets Rocky, a handsome stranger who is harboring a secret that he desperately wants to share with Adam. As their bond strengthens and Rocky prepares to reveal his secret to Adam, their fledgling romance is ruptured by a cataclysmic event that forces the truth to come out in the most explosive manner.

Caged, Directed by Lazlo & Dylan Tonk 
Netherlands - 13:14

When a high school track athlete discovers that his teammate and best friend is gay he must risk either his friendship or his reputation.

Camouflage, Directed by Stephan Kämpf & Andreas Kessler
Germany - 7:40

During a military exercise in the woods, two soldiers cover each other's faces in camouflage paint. In such a delicate situation, in which every trembling of the finger is perceivable, Max tries to find out the truth about Christian. He fears to become a target of the group himself, if his best friend actually turns out to be gay. As Max feels more and more pressured by his surrounding, he pushes Christian to confess.

Carpe Jugular, Directed by Kai Stänicke
Germany - 5:17

The dance floor is a battlefield.

Devin, Directed by Jesus Martinez

A person fights to keep an unlikely friend alive.

Dos Almas, Directed by Danielle Villegas
USA - 15:45

1850, deep in the western wilderness, a woman finds herself alone and vulnerable.  Worlds collide when two spirit natures are revealed.

Falling Angels, Directed by Josefine Pil & Grangaard Olesen 
Denmark - 27:36

Julia - the priest's daughter - falls in love with the beautiful Barbara, who just moved to the island. A story about forbidden love and the impossible choices it leads to.

Good Morning, Directed by Nicholas Vaky
Taiwan - 4:57 **WORLD PREMIERE**

A woman wakes up in what seems to be an ideal world, but is it?

hopefulROMANTIC, Directed by Benjamin Pollack
USA - 16:30

hopefulROMANTIC  is an original musical film about one man's (Matt Zarley) emotional journey through love, heartbreak, and healing. It's a universal story about loving, letting go, and holding onto faith that there's somebody for everybody. The nearly dialogue-free narrative is articulated solely through Matt Zarley and Andy Zulla's soulful pop score...introducing a fresh new format in musical storytelling. George Takei co-stars.

Intrinsic Moral Evil, Directed by Harm Weistra
Netherlands - 10:45

A tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, a game with the viewer’s perception and expectations.

A Kiss From Your Lips, Directed by Allison Tate 
USA - 3:30

A young swing dancer looks for her perfect dance partner.

Lady of The Night, Directed by Laurent Boileau
France - 9:40

The annual dinner commemorating the death of Cornelius, revives Samuel’s memories. He never revealed his homosexuality to Cornelius’s family, whom he had invited that evening. After their departure, he becomes a Queen of the Night, in tribute to his lost love.

The Last Girl, Directed by Bjarke de Koning
Denmark - 13:07

Life is not the same after a holiday with Jesper and there is no avoiding the truth now.

Life in Colors, Directed by Mark Margason

Life in Colors' follows a few brief moments in the lives of two women from the United Kingdom in the 1940's, it takes us on a journey of their passion, love and desire to be together in a world that is against that love.

A Little Bit Country, Directed by Amy Coop
UK - 6:39

Dylan is a teenager who harbours a dark secret. Whilst he may look like many other sulky teen, he hides another side to his personality away from the world.

Midnight, Directed by TR Wilkinson
USA/Australia - 19:59  **REGIONAL PREMIERE**

Shane and Aiden decide to experiment with an open relationship. Can their relationship survive it?

My Personal Art History, Directed by Neil Ira Needleman
USA - 3:11

A poignant "love- story in waiting" told with famous paintings by Courbet, Renoir, Boucher, Degas, Rubens, and many others.

Nothing, Directed by Keith Curry 

The day in the life of man who has to decide on avenging his brother’s death or choose life.

Perpetual, Directed by Peter Ahlen
Denmark - 26:00  **WORLD PREMIERE**

The young Sebastian explores her sexuality and looking for love online. He meet with the older Jacob in a seedy sex club. In the new and dark surroundings Sebastian surrender  to the present and in their subsequent meetings Sebastian falls in love with Jacob. Outside the dark compartment and the intense togetherness, the realities starts to show and perhaps it is more lust for the young body and not love Jacob is looking for?

Plunge, Directed by Kate Lefoe 
Australia - 5:30  **REGIONAL PREMIERE**
A romantic day trip tests the relationship of two young lovers.

Pretty Boy, Directed by Cameron Thrower

Sean is taken to a motel and is given a prostitute for his 18th birthday by his father. He must sleep with her to "fix" his questionable homosexuality. Aside from acceptance, "Pretty Boy" is about confidence, finding an inner strength, and being who you are meant to be.

Some Rainbows Never Grey, Directed by Peter Jacobsen 
Australia - 15:00 **REGIONAL PREMIERE**

Jim, Allan and Ian, three older gay men from Melbourne, Australia, openly discuss why they chose to marry women in the 1960s, the period of heartbreak which followed and their eventual self-discovery.

Southern Pride, Directed by Nick Lane 
USA/ Made in Arkansas - 7:19

When it seems their young son will be proposing to his girlfriend over dinner, a southern gay couple go on a walk and get into a fiery debate about the pros and cons of marriage.

Tomorrow, Directed by Leandro Tadashi
USA - 13:20

New Year's Eve 1999 finds college-bound Clark and Trevor concerned about the future of their friendship, and a request for Clark to be Trevor's wingman ensures things will never be the same again.

Waiting Room, Directed by Kira Trinity

Elijah was a good guy, but now he's dead. Luckily, sassy Jesus got his back.

Warpaint, Directed by Al Benoit

Warpaint tells the story of Carey and Audrey, two seventeen year old girls who fall in love over a summer at their parents' lake houses.

Water, Directed by Ricardo Esparragoza 
Mexico - 12:00 **REGIONAL PREMIERE**

The life of Daniel, an introverted teenager, takes a turn with the arrival of his new swimming classmate. The outgoing personality of Carlos, makes Daniel doubt about his personality and sexuality.

You.Me.Bathroom.Sex.Now, Directed by Francisco Lupini Basagoiti
USA - 17:20

A comedy about a man who tries to forget about love in all the wrong places. When Antonio finds out that his boyfriend is cheating on him three days before Christmas, he decides to find solace amongst friends at the neighborhood dive.

Zac and Luc, Directed by Robert W. Gray
Canada - 14:36

A split-screen film telling two versions of the entire story of a relationship. Each memory becomes intertwined with all the others: the firsts, the lasts, the middles, each of the small nothing moments that add up to something in the end.


Special Screening

Sacred Hearts, Holy Souls, Directed by Mark Thiedeman

Two teenage misfits at an all-boys Catholic boarding school become unlikely comrades in their struggles against a hormonal bully and an old- fashioned priest.

**Will be shown during “The Tome of a Southern LGBT Filmmaker: A Conversation with Director Mark Thiedeman.” (


The Documentary Shorts

And Counting, Directed by Michelle Wood
USA - 14:33

Taking you on an experimental odyssey, “And Counting” celebrates one man's unexpected journey of living longer with HIV than he ever imagined possible.


Born Wrong, Directed by Rob Daglish 
UK - 8:21

"Born Wrong" is an experimental film about my family coping and reacting to my brother going through a sex change. The film is a visual snapshot of the emotional turmoil one feels when making such a transition, as well as the emotions of those closest to them.

The Damn Deal, Directed by Elizabeth Gracen *DIRECTOR IS A NATIVE ARKANSAN

In 1997, filmmaker and former Miss America, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, interviewed three young female impersonators who competed in the Miss Gay America Pageant system. The lost footage, now restored, explores gender identity in the South during the late 20th century.

First Clue, Directed by Susan Sullivan  
USA - 6:24

First Clue poses the question “What was your first clue you were a lesbian?” The answers are playful and poignant prequels to our “when did you know?” and “coming out” stories. Charming and upbeat, First Clue reveals our earliest intuitions that we knew and delighted in who we were until we were taught otherwise.

A Mississippi Love Story
USA - 13:06

A Mississippi Love Story introduces the viewer to Eddie and Justin, together living what might otherwise be considered an ordinary life during an extraordinary time in history. It provides a glimpse into the relationships the two have with one another, and with family, friends and their Deep South hometown. Against the backdrop of legal battles about same-sex marriage, Eddie and Justin share their personal take on what love really means.


Purpose in the Pulpit, Directed by Carter McCall
USA - 7:56

Pastor Dennis Massenberg reflects on the internal struggle he faced in reconciling his faith and his sexuality on the path to establishing his own church.

Stella Walsh, Directed by Rob Lucas    
USA - 15:38

The tragic story of the greatest female athlete in the world, her murder and the gender controversy that followed…

About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope celebrates the diversity of the LGBT community and filmmakers by presenting poignant and thought-provoking films documenting LGBT lives truthfully and with respect. Kaleidoscope celebrates the power of film to transform lives and opinions of those both inside and outside the LGBT community through the universal medium of the cinema. 

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