SAVE THE DATE: 2 Great Little Rock Pride Week Events on October 6

On Tuesday, October 6 you do not want to miss these two great Little Rock Pride Week events happening on the same day!  Join HRC Arkansas from 9 am to 5 pm and Kaleidoscope from 7 pm to 9 pm!



Out Loud Storytelling: Taking Pride. Taking the Stage. in Little Rock

Join HRC Arkansas for Out Loud Storytelling: Taking Pride. Taking the Stage. in Little Rock

South On Main
304 Main Street
Little Rock, AR 72114

Tuesday, October 6
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Save the date for the Human Rights Campaign and Tales from the South presentation of Out Loud Storytelling: Taking Pride. Taking the Stage! On Tuesday, October 6th at South on Main, located at 304 Main St, Little Rock, AR. We will kick off Little Rock Pride Fest, presented by Central Arkansas Pride, by featuring LGBT and allied Arkansans as they share stories of hardship, discrimination, love and acceptance. Want to tell your story? HRC is currently accepting submissions through August 28th. Winning stories will be announced in mid-September. Stories should be no more than 8 minutes in length and participants chosen must agree to attend two coaching sessions.


Best of Kaleidoscope - Short Films Screening

The Studio Theatre
320 W. 7th St
Little Rock, AR 72201

Tuesday, October 6
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Kaleidoscope is happy to be a part of Little Rock Pride Week, organized by Central Arkansas Pride! As part of LR Pride Week we will be screening a special program of eight of the best short films screened at this year's festival, including three of the festival award winners.

Admission is $10.

The following films will be screening:

Brace, Directed by Sophy Holland & Alicya Eyo
UK - 24:13

After coming out and leaving his girlfriend, Adam dreams of finding acceptance within London's gay scene. His burgeoning freedom is soon challenged when he meets Rocky, a handsome stranger who is harboring a secret that he desperately wants to share with Adam. As their bond strengthens and Rocky prepares to reveal his secret to Adam, their fledgling romance is ruptured by a cataclysmic event that forces the truth to come out in the most explosive manner.


Caged, Directed by Lazlo & Dylan Tonk
Netherlands - 13:14

When a high school track athlete discovers that his teammate and best friend is gay he must risk either his friendship or his reputation.


Camouflage, Directed by Stephan Kämpf & Andreas Kessler  - GRAND JURY AWARD FOR NARRATIVE SHORT
Germany - 7:40

During a military exercise in the woods, two soldiers cover each other's faces in camouflage paint. In such a delicate situation, in which every trembling of the finger is perceivable, Max tries to find out the truth about Christian. He fears to become a target of the group himself, if his best friend actually turns out to be gay. As Max feels more and more pressured by his surrounding, he pushes Christian to confess.

First Clue, Directed by Susan Sullivan
USA - 6:24

First Clue poses the question “What was your first clue you were a lesbian?” The answers are playful and poignant prequels to our “when did you know?” and “coming out” stories. Charming and upbeat, First Clue reveals our earliest intuitions that we knew and delighted in who we were until we were taught otherwise.

Life in Colors, Directed by Mark Margason
USA - 13:02

Life in Colors' follows a few brief moments in the lives of two women from the United Kingdom in the 1940's, it takes us on a journey of their passion, love and desire to be together in a world that is against that love.

USA - 13:06

A Mississippi Love Story introduces the viewer to Eddie and Justin, together living what might otherwise be considered an ordinary life during an extraordinary time in history. It provides a glimpse into the relationships the two have with one another, and with family, friends and their Deep South hometown. Against the backdrop of legal battles about same-sex marriage, Eddie and Justin share their personal take on what love really means.

Pretty Boy, Directed by Cameron Thrower - AUDIENCE AWARD FOR SHORT FILM
USA - 32 

Sean is taken to a motel and is given a prostitute for his 18th birthday by his father. He must sleep with her to "fix" his questionable homosexuality. Aside from acceptance, "Pretty Boy" is about confidence, finding an inner strength, and being who you are meant to be.

Purpose in the Pulpit, Directed by Carter McCall
USA - 7:56

Pastor Dennis Massenberg reflects on the internal struggle he faced in reconciling his faith and his sexuality on the path to establishing his own church.